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  • New version of Nikonians Uploader for Mac available

    Keeping up with the technology upgrade promise, Nikonians is coming with the newest version of Nikonians Uploader for Mac. This handy application allows you to easily upload images to the Nikonians galleries directly from your Mac.

  • Spotlight on Acadia
    Academy-SQ-Acadia-Flowers_125.jpgNikonians Academy Director Mike Hagen invites you to join Lester Picker for our Acadia National Park Photography Adventure this October.

    Les Picker spent ten years in Maine and did his graduate research in Acadia National Park. Few people anywhere know the park as well as he does. Combine his photographic knowledge with his detailed knowledge of the park and you have a recipe for a fantastic photography event.

  • Contest congratulations - June winners
    Contest-Aug_SQ-Crib.jpgNikonians Contest Coordinator David Summers (dm1dave) has posted the results of the June Contests.

    Congratulations to our members who submitted the images in our composite key. Scroll down to find links to the original entries, along with explanations behind the photographs and an overall look at the competition.

  • Giant September curriculum ahead from Nikonians Academy
    Academy-Sri-Lanka-SQ_125.jpgSeptember is a big month for workshops, with some of the most popular curriculum items in the lead. Richard Hulbert brings his 4-day Urban and Street Photography Workshop to Houston and San Antonio in the coming month. 
    This workshop series is designed to improve your photography regardless of whether you consider picture taking a hobby, or you are a serious enthusiast, or a professional photographer, or earn your living as a member of the global real estate, design, and construction industries.

  • Leading lines contest congrats
    Contests_125_THU_SQ.jpgNikonians Contest Coordinator David Summers (dm1dave) has posted the results of the Best of 2014 Contest Segment 2. The theme was "Leading Lines."

    Congratulations to Joshua A. Williams (Kidsthehall45) from Chicago, USA, with his winning image titled Two-Toned S-Curve.

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